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Guide to Activities


In 1988 the Four Freedoms Federation published a guide to its activities (An Introductiion to the Four Freedoms Federation) which reflected three divisions of interest in law, education and media, of which only the educational and media arms were developed. Its educational activities centered upon the John Lilburne Research Institute which was devoted to researching the life and legacy of John Lilburne and his relationship to Thomas Jefferson and then publishing its findings. Media activities were divided between publishing, radio broadcasting (4FWS) and television programming (4FTN).

Four Freedoms World Service


When production of the commercial WRLI and VFG programs came to a halt, new programs were created under several related titles which eventually settled upon 4FWS (Four Freedoms World Service) focusing upon the theme outlined by the Four Freedoms. These new programs which began on December 5, 1985 were intentionally relayed over a network of unlicensed stations which had been originally created as a result of mail response. Within a short period of time a working arrangement was developed with George Gimarc whose programs originated from both a licensed AM and FM station in Dallas, Texas. These and other US stations were then used to promote the Four Freedoms Federation.

The 4FWS network expanded internationally to include several types of programs which were heard on free radio stations across Europe. These stations included Radio East Coast Commercial on shortwave from northeast England; PCRL on FM in Birmingham, England; stations based in the Irish Republic and on the continent of Europe. 4FWS programmes were also heard over KIWI Radio in New Zealand, which transmitted a shortwave signal across the South Pacific.

During this time George Gimarc became one of the voices heard on the 4FWS network with his own programs which were recorded "live" in the studios of KZEW in Dallas, Texas. Most of the political and human rights programs were delivered by John England.

A small 4FTN (Four Freedoms Television Network) emerged on Public access television stations in Texas with daily half hour telecasts. Literature was also created in booklet and brochure formats.

StarText Intranet


Prior to widespread commercial use of the World Wide Web on an Internet, the story of John Lilburne and his links to Thomas Jefferson and the U.S. Bill of Rights was also published on a regular basis by the Intranet Startext online service of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper.